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    Rev. Wright's sermons made me cry. I went on youtube and looked at them all after the story broke. There is so much truth in what he says and with so much passion. I hope Obama does share some of these views secretly. If American's never face up to the truth, we can not stop from repeating history. For instance, right now we have killed over a million innocent Iraqi citizens for no other reason than we disagreed with them. That is how America was founded. Killing and moving native americans out and occupying their land. That type of mind set is happening now in Iraq. Not only that, we completely support Israel who is also illegally occupying Palestine.

    We really need to teach all of American history to kids, including the bad stuff. It's not that I don't love my country, but I believe the country is made up of the American people..not bad government decisions. It's funny how Conservatives hate government but totally fall in line as long as they are slaughtering people but not helping and educating our own people. When Liberals stand up in a critical way, it's about the government not the country. But some how it's unamerican.

    I would love to hear what the definition of Country first is for Republicans.

    To me, Country is the people who live here in unity as one. America is suppose to stand for freedom, opportunity for ALL. We're suppose to be an example to the world of human rights, liberty, kindness...When bad politicians hi-jack the country, I am gonna speak out against it. I am going to use my first ammendment rights to stand up for the country I love and for no other reason.

    From what I gather from Republicans, loving country is all about flags, flag pins, war, National Anthems, pledge of Alliegence.. If that is what I wanted, I would move to North Korea. Symbols only mean something when the people behind them are living up to the standards for which they came to be. What is their defintion of Country? Obviously it's land, symbols, and government. They would love Kim Jong-il.  

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