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View Diary: Down to the Wire with Proposition 8's Assault on Human Rights.   (259 comments)

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  •  You've repeated yourself. (0+ / 0-)

    That is hardly persuasive.
    You reiterate your position by saying
    "They also don't see supporting Proposition 8 as being the promotion of hatred, merely the opposition of sin."
    I suggested their position is not one of goodness, or loving "your brother as you love yourself" (surely you know who reportedly said that).  I'd say that means they don't get to tell me what irrational nonsense they consider to be a sin.
    It IS hateful, in spite of what they SAY it is.
    That is the hypocrisy as I see it.
    I will only deal with logical perspectives and I will persuade no religious zealot who holds mumbo jumbo notions of reality.  I cannot loose someone from the bonds of foolishness with concrete information.  I accept that and it doesn't worry me overly much in the expanding, advancing universe.

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