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View Diary: To the lone white-lady Obama canvasser in rural N.C. (269 comments)

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  •  I've been canvassing in Bergen County, NJ (10+ / 0-)

    Up until yesterday I was surveying Ds and Is about who they were voting for.  It was kind of sad how many people still were undecided.

    Yesterday I got my reward.  People (just Ds this time) who answered the door, did so cautiously and with much suspicion, but when I told them I was just making sure they were going to vote on Tuesday, their eyes lit up and they all told me, enthusiastically, YES!

    I have never seen so many people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds so eager to vote before.  The apathy is gone!

    I did leave 1 woman arguing with her neighbor.  She'd been standing on her apartment porch chatting with some people.  I asked her about voting and her response was like all the others, and like with all the others I asked, "Obama, right?"  And she said, "Yes - 2 votes for Obama in my house."

    And her neighbor shouted, "No - McCain!"  When they started arguing, I took it as a hint to move on.

    This morning started out badly, but on my way to work, I saw a truck that had a big sign on the side.  "Voting Machines," it read.  Yes, I thought, it has begun here in Jersey where we do not have early voting.  I'll be at my polling place at 6am as usual and I can't wait.

    The Obama campaign is getting the rest of my day.

    I'm saying, "thanks but no thanks to that Governor from Alaska."

    by Cyber Kat on Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 08:05:19 AM PST

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