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View Diary: To the lone white-lady Obama canvasser in rural N.C. (269 comments)

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  •  That was like me yesterday (8+ / 0-)

    I canvassed in a republican area so people probably saw my fear. Many homes held back loud barking dogs that sounded like they were going to tear me to shreds.

    I knew most of them were republicans but I wanted to show we were out there. This is OUR election. This is OUR time.

    My shirt says Obama for a brighter tomorrow and has the sun coming out of the clouds. And I had buttons also.

    Most were friendly when I asked if they received ballot and voted (its all by mail in my rural area of WA) but when I tentatively like that woman asked politely if they voted dem or repub people got pissy and said it was none of my business or private.

    I just smiled and said thank you for voting. I figure these people must be grieving in a way knowing their person is losing. I remember how gut kicked I felt the day after Kerry lost which is why I am knocking on doors in a republican town getting our message out.

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