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View Diary: (update w/ video X2 + Darcy Burner) Prop 8: DEVASTATING internal memo from the LDS Church (453 comments)

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  •  I don't have a problem telling the truth (2+ / 0-)
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    Caipirinha, djpat

    even if it's something that the people who represent that truth find annoying or embarassing.

    My angle is that my family is Catholic, but I have Evangelicals in my circle of people I have to deal with day to day who insist that my relatives are all going to hell, but I can't say squat about them?

    Where is the bigotry in revealing someone's faith for what the faithful proudly subscribe to it for?  

    I'm not the one who made underwear an issue of faith, Mormons are.

    I'm not the one who is spearheading an effort to say that gay marriage will destroy "real" marriage, but spernatural belief in undergarments is verbotten when having a conversation about those who feel compelled to judge others?  

    Bigotry? I think not.

    When we start hanging mormons from trees wrapped in sheets with a star of david on it's head, then I'll start getting exorcised about presumed "bigotry."

    George Orwell is banging on the lid of his coffin and screaming, "1984 was a cautionary tale, you dolts, not a motivational speech!"

    by snafubar on Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 03:45:20 PM PST

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    •  but SpiderStumbled22 didn't tell "the truth" (0+ / 0-) what's your point?

      unless by "the truth" you mean the same truth by which catholics are a canabalistic cult of fetus fetishists whose priesthood revolves around transvestism and child abuse. no one could possibly take offense at that, right? it's just "the truth."

      btw, you're only concerned about bigotry when people start dying? you may want to rethink that.

      •  You've got a strange angle on this (0+ / 0-)

        don't impart meaning to my words like "you're ONLY concerned with bigotry when people start dying" - that's bullshit.

        But when you scream 'bigotry' about a bizarre religious belief (whether or not Mormon's find it bizarre does not make it any less bizarre to a much larger number of people who are not Mormon) as if it's equivalent to the kind of bigotry that it inspires against gay people, then I've got a problem.

        You show me a mormon who was beaten nearly to death and then tied to a fence and left to freeze to death because of his underwear, and then I'll start getting as indignant and outraged by "bigotry" towards Mormons. Right now, the kind of bigotry that is ultimately re-enforced and can arguably be said is encouraged by the anti-gay campaign the Mormons joined in Prop8 is so much more lethal and destructive than anything said about or to a Mormon that I take offense to the comparison.

        I don't have to be gay in order to see people around me who - just like the racist overtones inspired by Palin's campaign - have used the comments of a "respectable" organization like the Mormon church to engage in some unthinkable and despicable acts.

        George Orwell is banging on the lid of his coffin and screaming, "1984 was a cautionary tale, you dolts, not a motivational speech!"

        by snafubar on Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 02:49:27 AM PST

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