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View Diary: 11/4 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 51, McCain 46 (FINAL) (202 comments)

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    I am a strong Obama supporter and have been volunteering for him here in New Hampshire, so I HOPE for and expect his victory today...

    ...but I read somewhere last night (sorry I don't have the link) that the population of Dixville Notch has changed to more Democrats since 2004. It's a really small town so one or two families moving out and another moving in could change the Rep/Dem ratio dramatically.

    All I'm saying is, don't pin too much on the Dixville Notch vote. It's encouraging but not indicative (necessarily) that any other parts of the country that usually support Republicans are going to support Obama instead. It's a VERY small sample.

    That said; I keep finding myself weeping in disbelief and relief at the prospect of an Obama presidency, at the possibility of a President I truly admire and deeply support.

    Go Obama!!

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