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View Diary: McCain campaign: Sorry, we're closed! (205 comments)

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  •  I did my part in Texas. (0+ / 0-)
    Voted blue last week, and have successfully converted my formerly Republican husband, who voted this morning.

    BTW, though, I am just about to send a nastygram to the campaign of Michael Skelly, who is running a pretty competitive campaign in District 7, against incumbent Congressman John Culberson.  Skelly is putting up a good challenge, although he probably won't win.  But I am really peeved at his latest commercials, where he responds to an attack ad by Culberson calling him out as a liberal---by trashing "liberals."  Apparently he never got the memo about how to reframe the issue by explaining why liberal=good.  So I won't be all that sorry if he loses, kind of like my own Congressman Nick Lampson, who is touting his NRA endorsement in HIS ads.  Texas, ya gotta love it.  Or not.

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