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  •  The Arab Vote In Florida (none)
    I've found that sending this article to Bush-lovers pisses them off like nothing else:


    Orlando, Florida - 11/17/00) Of the 100,000 Muslim Americans in Florida, at least 60,000 have voted in this year's election. As estimated in a telephone survey of 350 Muslim Floridians, 91% have voted for Gov. Bush, 8% for Ralph Nader, and 1% for Vice President Al Gore. At least half of Muslim voters live in I-4 Corridor, the least committed group of voters in the entire state. In an exclusive exit poll of Florida Muslims, 91% of those polled indicated that they had voted for George W. Bush.

    "Political pundits have been slow in acknowledging the crucial, even decisive, role of the Muslim vote in Florida," says Dr. Sami Al-Arian, a professor of engineering and a Florida resident. He, however, hopes, that "once the dust settles and serious political analysis begins, the importance of those groups that have voted enbloc will become apparent to all."

    "When people will look at the role of trade unions such as AFL-CIO, civil rights organizations such NAACP, ethnic groups such as Cubans and religions communities such as Jews and Muslims, they will realize the importance of the Muslim vote as well", adds, Dr. Qazi, President of the American Muslim Alliance, the largest Muslim grassroots organization in Florida.

    "In this yearís election, not only the 7 million Muslim have crossed the rubicon, we have played a decisive role in the formation of a new national coalition of voters", observes, Dr. Agha Saeed, chairman of the American Muslim Political Coordination Council, the umbrella organization that had endorsed Gov. Bush and urged American Muslims to vote for him. "It won't be long before political analysts realize that Muslim voters have played a historic role."

    Media Begins to Recognize the importance of Muslim Vote in Florida

    In a story published in the ëMetrowest Dailyí on November 11, 2000, the Staff writer reports:

    "A record number of Muslim first-time voters may have tipped the presidential election in George Bush's favor, according to a poll released yesterday by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Muslim Alliance.

    About 91 percent of Muslims in Florida cast ballots for Bush as part of an alliance endorsed voting bloc, said chapter chairman Tahir Ali, of Westborough. "The Muslims in America did have an impact in the presidential election this year." Ali said during an interview at the Islamic Center in Wayland.

    "If we had voted like we did in previous elections, guess who would be president right now? Al Gore." This was the first time the alliance, in conjunction with the American

    Muslim Political Coordinating Council, has encouraged its members to vote for the same presidential candidate. "In the past," Ali added. "We would vote every which way and cancel each other out."

    The alliance also says Bush has been more willing to meet with Muslims and hear their concerns.

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