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  •  Thanks so much, Kos, (1+ / 0-)
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    for your commitment to ensuring that the history of BO's victory does not go unsung.

    I'm just amazed at all the breathless commentary regarding BO's campaign--he had organizers at the block level!!  he used the internet!!  he allowed the campaign to grow from the bottom up!!  

    Dean had all of the above.

    Not to dismiss BO's appeal or how well his campaign was run or all the new people who became active, but a strong base for BO's campaign was already in place, put there by Dean.  This base allowed BO to jump in very quickly, and rack up successes.

    As noted by his top people during the 60 minutes interview--BO's top people used very little time to start the race when candidates usually take years to plan.  As not noted during the interview, BO picked up where Dean left off.

    Bush's presidency is now inextricably yoked to the policies of aggression and subjugation. Mike Whitney

    by dfarrah on Tue Nov 11, 2008 at 08:15:04 AM PST

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