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  •  Voted Williamsburg VA this AM - no problem (1+ / 0-)
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    I voted in Williamsburg this morning; arrived at 6:45 AM, lines
    out the door standing in the rain (polls opened at 6:00 AM; one
    elderly AA gentleman was leaving, said he arrived at 5:30 and there
    was already a line!).

    One lonely McCain volunteer outside in a big empty tent, on the
    other side 5-6 Obama volunteers. Good omen. Good diverse mix
    of people in line.

    One hour standing in line before got the ballot; mainly because the
    section of the alphabet I was in (A-C) was moving at 1/2 speed compared
    to other sections (the people checking names/IDs for my line were
    much slower that the other tables).

    Voting was pen+paper ballot (optical scanner) and took only 3 minutes
    once I had the ballot. The lines were shorter when I left at 7:50,
    appeared as if the early morning rush was slowing.

    Had tears in my eyes when I filled in the circle next to Obama/Biden.

    Happy to vote for Mark Warner (Senator) [should be a shoe-in]
    and Bill Day (House) [working hard to oust the first-term Republican
    incumbent, but facing uphill battle].

    Have heard lines have been short mid-day at local precincts, one
    colleague was in and out in 5 minutes. Weather is miserable, rain,
    I hope the blue turnout is not depressed because of this.

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