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View Diary: The Big Senate Picture, one week out (94 comments)

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  •  Agreed (none)
    This one's on the edge of possible.  Only a big Democrat wave will carry this one.

    Mongiardo had a good bubble for a couple of weeks, but that's pretty well over.  Bunning's creaming him with a series of negative commercials, and Mongiardo doesn't have the money to respond.  

    Even Louisville's best known DJ, Terry Minors is making fun of him.  Kerry will win Kentucky before Mongiardo does.

    •  Too little, too late (none)
      . . . for Dr. Dan.  He probably loses by close to ten.  Absent the Bunning implosion, he would have lost by 20+.  My efforts are focused on the KY-4 house race - we need Nick Clooney!
      •  Yes (none)
        Tony Miller has faltered in the 3rd.  Democrat Ben Chandler is cruising in the 6th.  Republicans in the 1st, 2nd, and 5th are too strong.  That leaves Nick Clooney in the 4th as the only close race.
    •  What's Minor saying? (none)
      How sad that even in Louisville gay-bashing and hate and idiocy are the rule of the day.

      I just hope Democrats don't lose 4-5 seats. Hopefully they can stay where they are, or gain one seat.

      •  Limp Wristed Promo was running all day (none)
        All day long Terry was running a promo for his show that they would have to get Dr Dan a wrist splint because his wrist is too limp to allow him to vote.

        Something like that.  He said it better.

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