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  •  That's what I thought (none)
    I was under the impression that Carson, though a Democrat, would be considered a right-wing Republican in just about any other state.

    But Dems should vote for him anyway, because if it were somehow possible for Dems to regain control of the Senate, lots of other things fall into place -- especially committee memberships/leadership and procedural control -- so even if Carson were to vote with the GOP on every single issue, his mere existence as a Democrat would be helpful.

    •  Not right-wing... (none)
      Carson actually supports some social democratic economic programs.  It's his positions on social issues (pro-FMA, pro-gun, pro-life) that have many on this blog up in arms about him.
      •  True (none)
        And he really has no choice here but to pander to the conservatives by touting his NRA membership, etc. I just get really sick of all this faith and family baloney. It's tough being a progressive Democrat in a red state. I view my vote for Carson as a vote for a Democratic Senate (which is precisely what a current GOP negative ad running her now says. It uses the word liberal like it's a swear word.)
    •  Carson is from the Reality-Based Community (none)
      That's all that matters in this race.  Don't think of this race in terms of left and right.  No matter what part of the political spectrum you come from, you can relate to and communicate with the members of the Reality-Based Community.  Carson is the candidate of the RBC.  Coburn is the candidate of the FBC.  He's the candidate of blind ideology and fictitious lesbians in school bathrooms.  Carson is a man of religious faith, but that is a separate issue.  He has never let his religious faith interfere with his grasp of reality.  
      •  Coburn is from the (none)
        Sterilized-Craphead-Phantom-Lesbian-Based Community

        The SCPLBC

        •  SCPLBC (none)
          I think the SCPLBC is the Oklahoma chapter of the FBC.  More seriously though.  Although I think it is a good pun on "faith-based initiatives", I think the term "faith-based community" is somewhat inapt and were this distinction to gain more widespread currency it would be beneficial to change it.  I think it should really be termed the "ideology-based community", since there is no contradiction between being a person a faith and being a member of the RBC.  Carson is a good example and we don't want to make it appear that religious people aren't welcome in the RBC.  Carson is the RBC candidate and he has run a great RBC campaign.  When Coburn spouts his Club for Growth ideology, Carson comes back and says "I'm in this race to work for Oklahoma."  I'm a good deal to the left of Carson, but I like that he's RBC and has run an RBC race.  He's got a good head on his shoulders.  I hope that that will appeal to enough Oklahomans.  It's sad that it has come to this though, that Oklahoma can't choose between two RBC candidates.  

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