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    I watched the Vitter vs Democrats candidate debate last night. It was awful. I wouldn't vote for Vitter if he were running against Satan. But the Democratic competition had me wincing too. Morrell is too much a local politician & can't get his issues across to win. Kennedy seems to be a really goodhearted & well intentioned person but he doesn't come across as prepared as I'd like. And John... he is likely to give Vitter the best run for his money but his views seem to run closer to Vitter's than I'd like. We don't need another Rodney Alexander- a Republican in Democrat's clothing.

    People I talk to LOVE Vitter. I think he's a sheep & will follow whatever the big boys in his party say to do. That is not what LA needs.

    Vitter does not respond to his constituents even when you hand him a letter in person at a town hall meeting. For 3 years I have been trying to get him to discuss his failure to sign on as sponsor for a bill to fund gifted education.The bill's author is another Republican so there should be no problem.

    First I emailed him- no response. Not long after he was having a town hall meeting so I made a copy of my letter & the bill that I wanted him to discuss. At the meeting he told people that he supported more funding for "special education" for the disabled. Gifted education used to fall under that same category here but got less money. So I asked him to fund the other end of "special ed". He looked at me like I was from another planet. So I handed him my packet of info & asked him to review it. No response again.

    The next year he had another town hall meeting & my daughter asked him to support the bill. She was taking high school gifted classes at the time. He told her there was no special funding for gifted education & she let him have it. She knew the bill number, amount it would provide & number of gifted students as of 2000. Guess what... no response. She is now 18 & voting. Bet you know who won't get her vote!

    We'd like to vote Democrat all the way but it isn't always easy down here!

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