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View Diary: Bush SNAPS at CNN Producer (151 comments)

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  •  The first to start ducking (4.00)
    Was Reagan (yeah, the great communicator - if he had a pre-written speech and a teleprompter) Doonesbury made fun of this in one strip, where Mark Slackmyer is given the job to bellow out the question to RR as he walks to his helicopter. Knowing full well that all he'll get as an answer is 'sorry, can't hear you' and a wave, Mark asks the obvious question 'Is it true that you're growing out of touch?'

    Bush won't even let these sorts of questions get anywhere near him. It's embarrassing.

    What we need is a British-style question time, when anyone in the house or senate can ask the question any question. It's apparently a high point in Blair's week.

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