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View Diary: Wednesday Newspaper Front Pages(Updatedx5) US and Worldwide Edition- PRESIDENT OBAMA (299 comments)

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  •  Not so fast. (3+ / 0-)
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    Tin hat mafia, 4Freedom, maxzj05

    I don´t want to rain on your parade and I am happy that you guys have voted the Bush clan out of office but unless there is actually progress (and the line by Obama that said "there will be differences between you and me in the future of some policies I propose" made everyone here chill) people in Europe will be skeptical. At the moment its all nice fancy words and nice fancy patriotism (which especially here in (mostly former east) Germany is watched also with a worried eye). He has to prove what he is capable of by actually radically shifting your country around - that will not be easy because the room he has to maneuver has been shrunk to a minimum in the last half year. He might have more weight to shift the geopolitical landscape but he better not follow his predecessors with a "america first - world second" stand - because if he does that repeatedly people will not forgive what the americans (at least half of them) have done to the world in the last 8+ years and will view you as skeptical under Obama then they have under Bush... His "middle road" stance thathe had in the election will not pull you out of the dirt - its either a radical new beginning or a slow decline. From all I have seen it will be a slow decline (McCain would have made the decline faster - thats all the difference I see).
    How do you think Obama can finance healthcare? How do you think Obama is getting your troops out of Afghanistan? (oh he said already he won´t - bad me).
    Now I don´t have any hope that any politian that supports the current system can save us from the impeding  crash - be it environmental, energy wise, resources or ideological. The only hope I have in Obama is that he makes it a rather soft landing instead of a big boom. I do not expect any miracle from the guy. The only hope I have is that he is a tiny teeny bit more honest then your average politician - that would already be a radical change. Its all about a soft landing instead of a hard crash now. He might pull it through - but before he indulges into any more patriotic rhetoric he needs to proof he capable of turning the wheel.

    •  True. But where we had zero hope of change, (1+ / 0-)
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      at least now there's an opportunity. Obama wouldn't have won if he'd run on the agenda of liberals (US and   European alike). America as a whole is not liberal. The hundreds of civil liberty, environmental, and social justice groups that have sprung up here over the past decade still have a long climb before them. But at least now we have a decent chance at being heard.

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