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View Diary: CA Homophobia: They Took My Rights Away (341 comments)

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  •  See my comment at the bottom of the thread (8+ / 0-)

    ...I had heard that this amendment creates a constitutional conflict for the State of California and, as such, can be challenged and possibly blocked by the California State Supreme Court, but the State Supreme Court needs to decide which takes precedent... the equality clause in the Constitution or this newly added discrimination clause.  The argument is, they cannot co-exist.

    I do NOT know if this is true, that the State Supreme Court could step in on this.  And I'm not trying to spread rumor.  I'm hoping someone can confirm or deny this.  But, I'm just relaying what I've heard... that there is still reasonable hope to block this thing.

    Still, I'm disgusted that this f*cking ballot measure even passed.  I'm also disgusted by ANY state that allows a simple majority to amend a constitution.  That, in and of itself, undermines the very purpose of a constitution!!!!  With that amendment setup, quite frankly thee is no such thing as a "constitution" in California... just a collection of laws.  Any state that allows it's constitution to be amended this way is a JOKE and a FARCE.  Constitutions are intended to protect minorities from majority rule.  Allowing amendmends via simple majority is an absolute sham and a travesty.

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