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    I understand that, as a Progressive, I will not like all of Obama's cabinet picks or agree with all of his policy proposals.

    I guess I can live with Rahm Emanuel.

    But there are people I cannot live with.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is one of those. He is the typical paranoid, conspiracy-theorist, hyperbolic quack. A kind of person shunned, ignored and marginalized by the Democratic Party for decades now, and for two very good reasons: such people's judgment cannot be trusted, and such people give the party a bad name. We are supposed to be Reality-Based Community and RFK Jr. does not belong there.

    For more information, this is your Obligatory Reading of the Day:

    RFK Jr as a head of a Federal Agency (either Interior or Environment) would be equivalent to Michael Crichton advising Bush on climate change, or McCain choosing Sarah Palin for VP. Embarrassing.

    "Knowledge is Power"! Visit me at my blog

    by coturnix on Thu Nov 06, 2008 at 11:44:53 AM PST

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