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View Diary: FL: New GOP Voter Challenge Tactic (59 comments)

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  •  How many (4.00)
    county residents have the GOP had certified as poll watchers in Dade, Broward and PB? if they're not residents of the county they're registered in, we can bounce them. Have we challenged the residencies of the GOP watchers?

    101.131  Watchers at polls.--

    (1)  Each political party and each candidate may have one watcher in each polling room at any one time during the election. No watcher shall be permitted to come closer to the officials' table or the voting booths than is reasonably necessary to properly perform his or her functions, but each shall be allowed within the polling room to watch and observe the conduct of electors and officials. The watchers shall furnish their own materials and necessities and shall not obstruct the orderly conduct of any election. Each watcher shall be a qualified and registered elector of the county in which he or she serves.

    (2)  Each party and each candidate requesting to have poll watchers shall designate, in writing, poll watchers for each precinct prior to noon of the second Tuesday preceding the election. The poll watchers for each precinct shall be approved by the supervisor of elections on or before the Tuesday before the election. The supervisor shall furnish to each precinct a list of the poll watchers designated and approved for such precinct.

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