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    Is that the mainstream LGBT leadership has too often, like the mainstream feminist movement, subscribed to rhetoric of this type that effectively makes their support of causes relating to race conditional.

    It's like the person today that started spouting about "ghetto culture" and "Cosby" -- on a thread about gay marriage.  

    This is not going to help, because it's pissing off people like myself that busted our black asses yesterday to try and defeat this thing when the mainstream "No on 8" folks were nowhere to be found in minority communities during this campaign.  So, if my Blackness condemns me and the causes I'm interested in because of what you THINK is the reason Prop. 8 won -- even though I am bi -- so be it.  I don't recall Black folks ever able to demand that folks support our causes as a condition of us supporting theirs, politically -- indeed, that's not ever been our collective approach to anything political as far as I know.  We certainly don't go out threatening to punish groups based solely on their race if we don't get what we want politically.

    It's an approach, however, that is well known to Black communities because a particular demographic routinely conditions their support of Black people on Black people doing what they want -- and only what they want.  Depressing as hell, today.  But sadly, not a surprise.

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