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  •  Interesting interpretation of what I wrote (0+ / 0-)

    Be real.  Large contributors still count.

    Please reference my analogy between open-source software and people-powered financing.  The advent of open-source has not displaced the top-down model, it has produced a vigorous competitor which coexists alongside.  Many elements of the top-down model persist and even thrive in the open-source model.

    In other words, you're right: large contributors do count.  My point is that they're no longer the ONLY ones who count, as the organizing power of Internet communities has enabled individuals to come together in ways that complement the large donors.  If you accept that, the next step is to stabilize this alternative donation base by transitioning it to affordable recurring donations instead of constantly "visiting the ATM" for this or that issue.

    This is a particular problem in California, where many Democratic donors feel like we're cogs in the party ATM.  The same level of giving, but on a sustained, recurring basis, will IMHO produce better behavior and longer-term thinking from the Democrats.

    Public Financing. REAL reform

    Yep.  100% agreed.  Progress is slow, but there IS progress.  I've been a supporter of the public-financing effort here in California for a couple of years now.


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    by AlphaGeek on Wed Nov 05, 2008 at 05:18:09 PM PST

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