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View Diary: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pals around with destructive cult leaders. (49 comments)

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    Spending 20 years in a cult myself, I may be blowing this association out of proportion.

    My own Guru, Sri Chinmoy was a PR hound and associated with politicians, musicians, and sports figures. I am to blame for not catching on to his games for 20 years. I admit that.

    In 2005 Robert Kennedy Jr. was warned that he was going into a cult environment.

    According to the "Olympian" he said 'Someone who doesn’t like you very much told me I was speaking at a cult"... "I guess it would be OK if I spoke at Bob Jones University."

    Maybe only people like me who have experienced cults know their destructive nature. I became celebate for 20 years with my Guru, Sri Chinmoy, I left law school, gave up the prospect of high paying jobs, gave up the chance for a wife and children. I don't think anyone at Bob Jones has to sacrifice that much. Robert Kennedy's remarks were callous and showed a grave ignorance of what cults are.

    In 2005 he was considering running for New York Attorney General. I sent him a letter in 2005 and I am including the same letter here, unaltered and his reaction. Now he is being considered for a cabinet position with 44. To me, Robert Kennedy Jr. is too callous and ignorant to be in the cabinet.

    When you are in a room of drowning people and don't see them drowning, there is something wrong with you.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (according to the newspaper "Olympian" said "I was really excited; because I just really wanted to see this place...You’re good people with good values, and all the values this country is supposed to stand for."

    I know the faces of cult victims and do not know how an intelligent person could miss this and praise the values of the cult they were in.

    I stand by what I say and will not willingly delete this because it is my truth.

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