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View Diary: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. pals around with destructive cult leaders. (49 comments)

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    Christian fundamentalism is a cult in and of itself. If you think about it going by the definition of the diarist Christ was the leader of a destructive cult since he is basically considered a manifestation of God and therefore worshiped and his word is taken as the truth, i.e. you'd better not disagree with it.

    I got away from Christianity for several reasons, the biggest being the concept of a just and loving god doling out eternal punishment for finite transgressions thereby making his followers spend their entire lives worrying about what happens to them after they die.

    So many impeachable offenses, so little time... -6.0 -5.33

    by Cali Techie on Thu Nov 06, 2008 at 10:04:46 AM PST

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      I agree with everything you say.

      The older religions are around the more acceptable they get and the more followers can pick and choose without fearing being ostricized from the group.

      The Catholic Bishop in Kansas said that anyone voting for Obama risks "salvation" However, a majority of catholics (IMHO) still feel OK about keeping their faith and voting for whoever they want to vote for. People, from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi to Andrew Sulivan consider themselves catholic but have their own individual views and are not afraid to express them.

      With upstrart religions "destructive cults" believers must submit totally to the will of the leader. Its like the catholic church in the days of the inquisition. No individuality is tolerated.

      I can go on and on about religion but the point of this thread is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praised the values of a group where the individuality of its members are supressed and the leader is held as a God.

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        doesn't mean he endorses them or what they do. Now if he JOINED the group you might be on to something. RFK Jr. is no more linked to this group than Obama is to Ayers.

        So many impeachable offenses, so little time... -6.0 -5.33

        by Cali Techie on Thu Nov 06, 2008 at 10:48:11 AM PST

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