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  •  The right wing is very afraid. Of course, I (3+ / 0-)

    gathered this from statements from various politicians, but it hit me hard yesterday.  I had lunch with two friends who voted for McCain.  As we were eating, one of them said that she was going to get a permit to carry a weapon.  The other agreed that she had been thinking the same thing.  They agreed thaty they would go take the training together.  It was one of the most bizarre moments that I have experienced in a good while.  Is this what we are going to see? Surely not.  At least I pray not.

    •  My wife was in Houston last night (2+ / 0-)
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      wishingwell, Floande

      at the George Bush airport, on her way to a conference in California.  

      Anyway, she had a layover in Houston and she overheard so many rude and obnoxious comments from random fellow passengers that she didn't feel comfortable.

      Openly racist comments, too.  Anger, fear.  "This Obama shit is so stupid!" one person exclaimed.  Nobody cared who was within earshot, either.

      I thought I read that the Houston area was tilted a bit towards blue as compared with certain other areas of Texas, so perhaps these were likely travelers from other parts of the state?

      On the other hand, it must be said that I've heard similar remarks here in Maine, so there ya go.

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      by MaineMike on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 09:41:43 AM PST

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    •  Why the need for a gun, did they disclose why (0+ / 0-)

      they felt scared? Are they afraid that crime will run rampant now or is it more of this nonsense, racist fear of the black man?

      I hope your friends are not racist but this is a statement we hear from racists.  Yikes !

      •  I thought it was a racist statement as well. (0+ / 0-)

        I was so shocked that I didn't pursue it with them too much.  Both said they had to either live in or travel through neighborhoods that weren't too safe (but this has been the case for a long time and didn't account for the sudden change in attitude).  This is Dallas and I think some folks are very angry about the outcome of the race.

        •  Yes it sounds very racist (0+ / 0-)

          Let us know if they disclose more. As sadly, I have found over the years that I have to end some friendships when I discovered some people I thought were friends, were closet racists. When I discovered that, that alone, caused me to lose respect for them and I decided I just had no time for those people in my life. Life is too short.

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