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    Networking action is the dominant outcome of this new era. Take my county - Burlington in New Jersey. We grew our Democratic registration by 70% this year (the Clinton-Obama primary helped immensely - the growth in Dem registration was just slightly larger than the decline in the number of independents).

    We increased our Presidential vote total over 2004 by 8% and won the County for Obama by 15%.

    But the big news was that we elected two County Freeholders (commissioners to some of you) and the County Clerk for the first time in 25 years. We also elected John Adler to the House replacing retiring GOP'er Jim Saxton and took that seat for the first time in 102 years!

    In my town of some 11,000, we now look forward to winning the majority on our town council. We have two seats and need one more. Our 2009 candidates will be Obama activists.

    Folks, this is a sea change we are witnessing in the governance of America.

    I actually look forwrtd to seeking assistance from Obama and Act Blue supporters in our LOCAL election, at least on the fundraising level.

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