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  •  Why the need for a gun, did they disclose why (0+ / 0-)

    they felt scared? Are they afraid that crime will run rampant now or is it more of this nonsense, racist fear of the black man?

    I hope your friends are not racist but this is a statement we hear from racists.  Yikes !

    •  I thought it was a racist statement as well. (0+ / 0-)

      I was so shocked that I didn't pursue it with them too much.  Both said they had to either live in or travel through neighborhoods that weren't too safe (but this has been the case for a long time and didn't account for the sudden change in attitude).  This is Dallas and I think some folks are very angry about the outcome of the race.

      •  Yes it sounds very racist (0+ / 0-)

        Let us know if they disclose more. As sadly, I have found over the years that I have to end some friendships when I discovered some people I thought were friends, were closet racists. When I discovered that, that alone, caused me to lose respect for them and I decided I just had no time for those people in my life. Life is too short.

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