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    We, straight and gay, need to get behind this! Read my previous diary on it too, just food for thought.

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      sometimes on my way home from work, I tune into local talk radio. Two shock jocks who I don't always agree with, they seem to be two libertarian conservatives, who are always beating the drum against illegal immigration and high taxes. Most of the time they sound crazy, but sometimes they make perfect sense.
      Yesterday they were reporting on the protests against Proposition 8 and how the anti-Prop 8 people were targeting the Mormon church, since it was their money that helped to pass it.
      Since they are libertarians, they have no problem with "gay marriage". What they had a big problem with was, their words, not mine, "religious nuts taking rights away from people."
      That is exactly what happened here with Prop 8 passing. In America we have a separation between church and state, and here in California we had religious groups shoving their religious beliefs down the throats of the people of California. These groups like to say, the Constitution doesn't guarantee "freedom from religion", but "freedom of religion". If that is true, and the reason the Constitution guaranteed "freedom of religion", means that all Americans were guaranteed that freedom, it means no religion should dictate what is legal and illegal here in the U.S. The Mormon church and other organized religions used their power and their money to actually take rights away from fellow Americans. This is wrong, this is very wrong. People can have their opinions about gay marriages and some may not agree it is proper, they may feel it is making a mockery out of marriage, and they are entitled to those beliefs under our form of government, but they also have no state guaranteed right to force their beliefs on all of us. If they are allowed to get away with this, what is next?
      They should lose their tax exempt status. If they don't contribute into our system, then they can not tell the system how it should operate.
      America, the last thing we need is to fight to preserve rights for all Americans while tax exempt organizations fight to take these rights away.
      Religions have tax exempt status because some actually do things for the public good, like help the poor and feed the hungry, when they put themselves into the law making process, then they should be taxed like the rest of us.
      Allowing them to get away with this is outrageous, and it actually makes me fearful of what they will do next. Haven't we been fighting in the mid-east to bring Democracy to countries that have been guided over the years by religious nuts. How can we tell these folks that Democracy is better when we are letting religions dictate our laws here in the U.S. Why are we fighting the Taliban? I thought it was because they were standing in the way of Democracy and equality.

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      I'd like to see come Jan. 20, definitely. Won't it be nice to get the DOJ to actually enforce the law? And there is absolutely a case here to be made against some offending churches. Tax exemption is a powerful tool that has been and will be used to keep these organizations from abusing their platforms.

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