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View Diary: Canadian PM planning Obama hustle on environment. (28 comments)

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    ... well, in some corners.

    But I'll argue with you that Canada is usually having an election, on some level;  There's usually one every year in some part of the country, now.

    The fact is that people in Ontario or BC couldn't be bothered about provincial politics in Alberta or Quebec or the Maritimes;  unlike with the Democrats in the US, there's no apparent interest in Canada to  make "every race national" like Kos spoke of in Crashing the Gate.

    But provincial politics do matter to the overall national picture;  look at the mess we've got right now trying to get the provinces to agree on environmental measures or, well, anything else.

    There's a few Canadian political blogs here and there... but most are simply 'echo chambers,' have limited authorship and readership, and don't seem to have the scope and interactivity of DKos.  

    And most are also fiercely partisan - NDP bloggers don't mix with Liberals or Greens, for example.  That hobbles any sort of desire to move the ball forward together, even if it's only a couple yards at a time.

    Slower Traffic Keep Right.

    by Wisewood on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 01:52:16 PM PST

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