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View Diary: Behind the Scenes Photos of Obama on Election Night (282 comments)

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    We have an interesting, exciting, smart, serious new president who will take this country is an entirely new direction.  You're saying we shouldn't be into seeing historic photos of his new journey - and ours?

    That's like saying that after eight years in the desert we should, you know, take a couple quick sips of Evian once we get some and then quit being interested in having more or reading and then rereading the label or anything.

    Cultlike?  No way.  We deserve this - because we lived through and worked to chronicle the last miserable eight years, because we worked to persuade family and friends, because we made calls and canvassed and wrote letters and blogged and worried and cried.  I want photos and interviews - LOTS and LOTS of them, and I'm apologizing to no one for it.

    Cult indeed.

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