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View Diary: Will calling your Dem Senator help boot Lieberman? (294 comments)

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  •  He's my sen. too BUT traditionally (0+ / 0-)

    bipartisan cabinents, specifically foreign policy (mainly done to appease the minority party) usually consists of a dem sec. of state and a rep. sec of defense or vice versa.  If we put Lieberman in one of those positions we can pass him off as a Republican because he stood with McCain on foreign policy but dems would still hold a lot of sway over his decisions.  Plus it will get him out of the senate and get that special ct election.

    Better DEAD than red!

    by AfroPonix on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 05:04:15 PM PST

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    •  Please. Don't ruin Obama's cabinet. (0+ / 0-)

      Anyway, Obama is too smart to choose Joe Lieberman.  He's also upset about how Joe Lieberman suggested that Obama is unpatriotic.  Obama wants the best in his cabinet.  That means no Joe.

      •  does the best mean hagel or who is there now (0+ / 0-)

        cuz it seems that Obama is hinting at picking at least a republican for sec of def or sec of state.  Its usually what is done to show bipartisanship in foreign policy and i'd rather have lieberman there than hagel or who is sec of def now (cant remember name...baker?)

        Better DEAD than red!

        by AfroPonix on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 05:10:22 PM PST

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        •  Hagel is much better than Lieberman. (0+ / 0-)

          Hagel told Joe off publicly on Meet the Press and he's not a hypocrite or warmonger.  He's also a war hero.  I like Chuck Hagel and I'd rather have an honest Republican who I can trust than a liar and backstabber like Joe Lieberman.

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