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View Diary: Will calling your Dem Senator help boot Lieberman? (294 comments)

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    I think something is wrong here. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't this sound like something the neo-cons would have done when they were in power? Wasn't the whole point of the last twenty-one months about change? And isn't wasting time on petty revenge something we desperately need to change and begin working together to make that change happen?

    I felt that Liberman was a traitor to the Democratic party, too, but he, and quiet a few other Republicans are now showing support for Obama, and maybe, yes, it's a fear thing, but I honestly believe that the president-elect is inspiring enough and shows that he honestly wants us all to work together, and that supporting Obama isn't a hard decision for Republicans to make. And maybe the reason some of them didn't do it sooner was because they had to support their party, even to the very bitter end.

    During his campain many conservatives openly and vocally showed their support for him, and it wasn't because they knew he was going to win the election, it was because of the things he said, the decisions he made, and the way he ran his campain. He didn't make them afraid of Democrat's vengence, he made them feel what has been lacking in America for eight years.


    Perhaps they see what the rest of us see. Perhaps they see that everything is about to change and know that they have to be a part of it or fade away. Some of them at least.

    Maybe I'm alone on this but if Liberman is willing to support the Democrats again and accepts his spanking like a good little senator, then let him stand in the back during photo sessions if he wants. Another vote for change is accepted no matter who casts it, right?

    Just my opinion.


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