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View Diary: Boycott Mormon businesses and Anyone else who Supported Prop 8 (281 comments)

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  •  Exactly... (10+ / 0-)

    Why should we have to patronize those places who are owned by people against us? It's almost like donating to their cause directly...

    Although I have to say, we all remember how well the Baptist Disney Boycott went....

    •  I am so sorry you did not get the memo, shh, (0+ / 0-)

      Only religious bigots are allowed to demand that a family disrupt its life and leave a church because its pastor declared something the bigots found offensive, and of course even though someone we might name and his family were hounded out of the church of their choice, the bigots are then entitled to use the former association ad nauseum during a political campaign.

      Any Democrat who ever in any was challenges any religious group, let alone suggests that any non-bigoted Mormon might suspend his or her family's association with the religion, even on a temporary basis, is of course (1) too assertive to be a good democrat (2) disrepectful and intolerant and inviting A Permanet Republican Majority (3) courting the end of civilaztion as we know it and (4) really is a Repubilcan anyway because he or she has insisted on accountabilty for one's associations.

      Lay, Respectful Mormons certainly do have the option of cleaning their own house, or at the very least register their disagreemnt in a public forum.  That is their decision.  Some very good Democrats have done so.  Or they can follow the many Mormons who have fled the bigotry against and oppression of GLBT Mormons who have had no choice but to flee, even as teenagers, or face the ridicule and bigotry of their elders - and oh yeah - have their hard earned college degrees revoked by BYU, which if there really were justice would lose any accreditation or academic respect it has left for doing what they recently did to a young gay man over this issue.  I began my own disengagement from the bigotry of Southern Baptists by withholding tithes (not spending them, but withholding them) and demanding internal change.  Bigotry increased, as anyone can see.  I left.  Actually so did my whole Church.  One North Carolina formerly Southern Baptist Church recenntly has the moral courage to force the State Baptist Convention to expel it, and I truly believe that choice ought be honored.  Another Baptist Church in Texas recentyly was informed by SOuthwestern Baptist Seminary that those faculty remembers who remaned affiliatesd with it would be fired because the Church accepted GLBT members and treated them as persons of worth.  The CHurch severed its few remaining ties, which it had held on to for the possibility of reconciliation.  Southern denominations years ago lost many churches which stood up to bigotry toward African-american persons.  The Churches and Members with honor and decency finally left.  Sure it hurt for me to leave - some parts of that life had been important me since birth, but when I realized how many people I was required to hate in order to remain, I began the process of leaving.  Any "real" American can do the same.

      As long as someone is showing their acceptance and respect for other Americans and working actively to change a broken system of faith (i.e., bigoted) in whch they are emeshed, I really do not want to hurt that person, but part of the responsibility of American Citizenship is respecting your fellow citizens, and individual rights actually do on occasion somehow perhaps maybe even now involve some degree of individual responsibility.  But then hatred has never been much for introspection.  We seem to have fought an internal war about that some time or another.  My team lost, and I frankly am the better for it.

      God and ego are not equivalent expressions of reality.

      by Othniel on Fri Nov 07, 2008 at 04:03:59 PM PST

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