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    Just kidding. Not really. We're not as backwards as you think. We don't live in igloos and ride dog sleds to work. Anchorage is pretty much the same as any other city it's size around the country, just a lot prettier. This whole idea that there was a low turnout is crap. There are votes missing somewhere because I know early voting was through the roof and lines on voting day were as long as I've ever seen them. There were 100 people lined up at 6am at my voting location. I know that's nothing compared to 8 hour lines in FL, but it was pretty remarkable up here. Obama supporters were as rabid and well organized up here as they were anywhere. We gave him 77% of our delegates. Along with two huge congressional races and our governor on a national ticket, it was like the perfect storm for voter turnout. Hopefully when the early/absentee/provisional ballots come in Begich will be voted in. To be fair though neither Begich nor Berkowitz ran a good campaign. Begich never highlighted all he's done as mayor. He was running ads about No Child Left Behind. Plus, the DSCC's negative commercials rubbed people wrong because Alaskans really do look at "Uncle Ted" as family. Berkowitz just came across as completely without substance in his ads and especially in the last debate right before election day. Since Young hasn't been indicted yet he probably didn't have that much to worry about anyway.

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