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View Diary: The fake troops in Bush's new ad (334 comments)

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    Hey--this has really, really big potential.
    Great catch!!
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      Its too late for the press to make much of a story of it, but its push back -- and if it gest play, the ad comes down right away.

      Keep punching; they're on the ropes!

      •  This is the kind of thing (none)
        that the media will love.  Just like Mary Cheney.  It's ultimately unimportant but if it keeps Bush on the defensive through the weekend, great.

        Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is the War Room! - Dr. Strangelove

        by movie buff on Wed Oct 27, 2004 at 09:02:57 PM PDT

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        •  Media WILL love this. (4.00)
          It captures the new conventional wisdow (they lie reflexively) quite nicely.  RECOMMENDED!!  Forwarded in email.  

          Power is perception. If you have to fight, you've already lost the first battle.

          by No One No Where on Thu Oct 28, 2004 at 09:12:56 AM PDT

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