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  •  "Me" used with double subjects (2+ / 0-)
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    JMcDonald, Leo in NJ

    As in "Fred and me went to the store." I'm hearing this a lot. I'm hearing it so often, even from educated people with good grammar, that I am beginning the think that it is now acceptable, even though it directly violates the I/me rule for subject/object.

    I'm curious to know if the folks here consider it acceptable to correct someone. If so, then what would be a socially graceful way to do this?

    •  correcting people (3+ / 0-)

      I usually just try to slip in a correct example fairly soon afterwards:

      "Fred and me went to the store."

      "What did you buy?"

      "These great widgets."

      "Shoot, Jane and I went there yesterday but couldn't find any."

      If they're receptive at all, and trust your language skills, they may notice the difference and make a mental note of it, perhaps even subconsciously.

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