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View Diary: Barack & Awe In Virginia. (262 comments)

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    This story is quite similar to my experience in Newport News. I was not a paid organizer, just a "grassroots" volunteer, but I canvassed on the Peninsula on 7 out of 8 weekends before the election, and had a lot of very interesting experiences talking to total strangers about the election. Obama's margin of victory is the biggest statewide for a Democrat in recent memory (not counting Mark Warner's landslide election to the Senate at the same time). I worked harder for this election than for any past election, and it feels great to see it pay off in the numbers. As long as I still live in Virginia, I will be donating and volunteering to keep electing Democratic candidates. Sorry to hear that organizers are losing jobs--I guess the money spigot is going to dry up now that the election's over.

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      And more power to us!  The job I'm getting laid off from is private-sector.  :(

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        I misinterpreted your diary since you said you found out about your job right after the election. I think some of your other readers made the same error. My deepest sympathies to you--a lot of people are going through this right now and we are all hoping that president Obama and the new congress can pass his economic agenda quickly and put people back to work--hopefully by building the infrastructure for a sustainable economy.

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