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    I live in NYC.  Volunteered a little near the end.  One of the options was to hop a bus and go to Pennsylvania or Ohio and canvass (this was the last week).  I'm not up to that with a paralyzed foot, but ....

    I mentioned the possibility of a GOTV campaign in my neighborhood (Washington Heights) and the attitude was as you describe.

    As it was, I xeroxed voter information--polling location, election district number, etc., and posted the information in the lobby and elevators of my building and its clone next door.  That's 110 apartments.  Maybe one or two made it to the polls who wouldn't have otherwise.  But I'm sure that an oldstyle political machine Tammany Hall style would have puled a lot more voters to the polls.  (Literally.  I've heard stories that in the old days the precinct chairs would check the voting rolls, see who hadn't voted, and then go drag them out of their apartments and to the polls.

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