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View Diary: Burner a bad fit for WA-8 (107 comments)

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  •  We had candidates with public service records (5+ / 0-)

    and resumes much stronger than Darcy Burners in both the 06 and 08 primaries.  Her campaign strongly and strategically edged them out.  

    Early in the last primary season, I questioned publicly whether Darcy was the best for our district -- and paid quite soundly for my apostasy.  I felt, myself, strongly and strategically edged out and my relationships in this area have never been the same.

    I'm glad DKos is here to raise $ for candidates.  But in this case, especially the second run, we saw, I believe an outpouring of $ coming from people all over the country who had no idea about who Darcy really is, who the other contender is, and what our district is about -- give a powerful boost to edging out a candidate who I believe was more qualified, proven at winning elections in the area, and a better fit for the district than the primary contender (Senator Rodney Tom in 08 who had recently switched from the Republican to the Democratic party -- and had had one of the most "moderate" Republicans.)

    This is something that needs discussion. What distorting effect might DKos have.  What filters and vetting is there?  We could have, I believe, a Democrat in office now -- if this had not been the case.

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