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View Diary: Please Support CA-Prop. 13 - Eliminating Right to Divorce (76 comments)

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    I could care less whether it was such-and-such group's "fault" for passage.  If Prop. 8 passed with 50.1% of the vote, then would that make what I said any more or less valid?  Would we be having a different discussion?

    Californians voted to pass Proposition 8 and my letter is directed at Californians.  At the end of the day, all of us is responsible for our own individual vote.

    My apologies.  And to your assertion that I'm racist, without even knowing my race (hint: I'm not white), I can only think of one response:

    God bless you.

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      the main argument is: where does it stop? Not to mention that Prop 8 is probably unconstitutional.

      I would really like to see a true Prop such as the one you have hypothesized go through, if not for the irony, but to weed out the hypocrites.

      "So long as they don't get violent, I want to let everyone say what they wish, for I myself have always said exactly what pleased me." - Albert Einstein

      by kingyouth on Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 11:40:04 PM PST

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