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View Diary: Please Support CA-Prop. 13 - Eliminating Right to Divorce (76 comments)

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    I have told people of my idea for another minor non-substantial addition to the California constitution.

    I am recently divorced and have begun to believe that long term relationships and monogamy have been scientifically shown to be an unnatural state. We have a 50% divorce rate. All relationships that occur before someone gets in their marital one fail. Marriages that do survive are frequently troubled. If we do acknowledge that children do best in a conflict free household with heterosexual parents (a dubious claim), are there really that many conflict free households of that type?

    So I think it is time to acknowledge that sexual relations should only take place in the context of uncommitted relationships. We are animals and we should acknowledge that. It is our ideal state. Not that I have anything against people who believe in marriage. Then can still live together. Just with an open ended commitment. So Proposition 14 should read ...

    Sexual relations can only take place in an uncommitted relationship  

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