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    •  Yes, it always has been and will be (4+ / 0-)

      an oxymoron.  Conservatism at its base is about I, me mine, which is why any talk of we or us is socialism. Compassion by its definition is caring about others, and people who place themselves first are simply not compassionate.  

      To them, gay is a great evil and children are better off no matter what by not being exposed to "gayness".  It ignores reality, endangers children and forces one religious point of view as the basis for law.  It is the very antithesis of compassion.  To an extremist, a child living in a cardboard box in an alleyway is still better off than one placed in a home of a loving gay couple.  Gay is that evil and that bad that no matter the consequence the child is better off.  The majority of people would not want to add to the suffering of a child, it is just that far too few people in our society have the ability to see consequences and think for themselves, they simply follow what leaders say.

      The only way to fight this sort of backward thinking would be to convince somebody like Huckabee to come forward and state that a child is better off in the care of a loving gay couple than in a group home or stuck in their abusive home.  The Bible doesn't have all that much to say about Gays but it does have quite a bit about caring for others, especially children.  To follow this law would be to do the opposite of what a Christian should want, but only Christians will be able to fight the battle over ideology.  This is why our Founding Fathers separated church and state, the state has a responsibility to protect these children, and that includes protecting them from overzealous religious wingnuts who miss the big idea that their religion was founded on.

      •  Creedism, dualism, and the 1st Amendment (3+ / 0-)
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        Robespierrette, barbwires, pgm 01

        You are absolutely correct that this law is rooted in creedism. It's also unconstitutional, as I argued in a comment elsewhere today.

        The part of their Christian bias that explains their thinking is Dualism: the belief that the entire cosmos is split into The Forces of Good™ at war with The Forces of Evil™. There are no shades of gray and anyone talking about rainbows (!) or sunsets is to be silenced by whatever means necessary.

        They've defined being gay as Evil and themselves (naturally) as Good. Therefore, taking children away from the Evil Gays™ and Sinful Unwed Couples™ is Good™ regardless of any other arguments. Case closed.

        They have lost the Culture Wars, but they won't admit it until they die. So they'll keep fighting until then. We just have to fight back and gradually take one unconstitutional weapon after another from their hands.

        If we devote 10% of Daily Kos' energy in the next few months to helping the ACLU, Americans United, and People for the American Way fight these new propositions, we will defeat them.

        Ha! Just when we thought it was safe to put our checkbooks away...

        Won't it be nice to have a SMART President?

        by ibonewits on Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 11:35:23 AM PST

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