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  •  I really doubt it... (5+ / 0-)

    if a child is already adopted, it is the legal child of that parent. She is the legal mother in all ways..even the child's birth certificate states this.

    I am 99% sure that it would not be retroactive. The law is for people who are attempting to adopt a child.

    Unfortunately, this is not uncommon, at least for state adoptions from foster care. Often, a social worker will not place a child in a home where the couple is not married. What especially bothers me about this is the inclusion of foster children as well. Do they realize that many of these kids will now be raised by single foster parents with 12 kids in the house and not enough time for those kids? An extra hand would be helpful. Or even worse, many kids will be placed in residential institutions and will age out of these places, without learning how to live in a family. These same kids will grow up and have a good chance of having their children placed in foster care. Kids need to learn what it is like living in a family environment, regardless of the marital status of the family.

    I wonder sometimes if these people really THINK about the ramifications of what they are doing. The only way this is going to change is if more money is invested in really educating people about the impact of these propositions and amendments. The churches are willing to push these out but the groups against this sort of thing are not raising enough money. My guess is most people, if educated on the issue, would vote against them..but we need to find a way to get support to educate them.

    •  I think that's part of the problem. (4+ / 0-)

      They don't think.  They don't get it.

      They don't understand that this has real impact on real lives, real families, and real children.

      Yeah, in the hypothetical, children are usually better off with two parents.  For financial reasons if nothing else.

      But we live in the real world.  I was a single mother for a time.  Would my child have been better off suck in foster care?  Hell no!

      Would I have been better off warehoused instead of being adopted by my parents?  Hell no!

      The ignorance of the masses is responsible for destroying lives.  They just don't get it.

      Tiger the Tabby 1990-2008 RIP

      by browneyes on Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 09:22:53 AM PST

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