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  •  It might take the wind out of their sails (3+ / 0-)

    Most of the propaganda behind it contains something like "marriage is a sacred institution" or some notion that one of their gods finds it objectionable and therefore everyone should.  Take that attachment to any sort of tribal ritual away and they have much less of a leg to stand on--it's not infringing or usurping their tribal rite--and their hate stands exposed for what it is - "I object to other people getting what I've already got because they're not part of my tribe."

    Because as of now, no court in the land can nullify any religious ceremony performed in any church (which begs the question - has there been a church that's tried legalizing their marriage rites when they include gays, and sued for discrimination if it wasn't accepted?), so why should a religious institution get to nullify a legal grant of rights?

    They've made some money swindling people into thinking that it's the government who wants to force their church into performing wedding ceremonies for people they don't want to.  And dog knows that's the furthest thing from the real issue, isn't it.

    He Lied. He Spied. He Must Be Tried!

    by athenap on Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 09:57:54 AM PST

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