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  •  See, now that these bigots (1+ / 0-)

    think they've figured out how to circumvent the courts, they're going to put all kinds of crap to a vote.  See straight married people!  I hope you enjoy your special marriage rights!  Especially since they open they door to all kinds of discrimination, all over the constitution!

    Hmmm.  Let's see.  What will those assholes dream up next?  Well, maybe we should amend the constitution to require a US passport to obtain a job.  You know, because there's such a problem with illegal immigration.

    What else ... well, we could amend the constitution to prohibit the consideration of race or any other qualitative criteria for college admissions or employment!  After all, we have a black president now, so ... that proves that we're a color blind society!  And we could add a corollary requiring a minimum score on the SATs for college admission because only want the best and brightest!  Right?

    We could think up all kinds of wonderful things!  Thank God!  Thank God for heterosexual marriage!

    Oh!  I know!  We can further curtail marriage rights!  We can call it the 'fuck infertility' amendment.  Marriage only if you can and do have children!  After all, that's why we extended marriage rights only to straight people to begin with!  The state has a vested interest in rewarding couples who produce new citizens after all.  That's why marriage should be between a man and a woman who can have children.  Sucks to be you if you're shooting blanks!  Every sperm is sacred!  Oh, and guess what.  We'll make sure you lose your marriage if it hasn't borne fruit in the first 10 years!

    Yipeee!  I'm so glad the state is on the side of God.  Let's have more amendments shall we!

    No one in the country has swagga like us.

    by fou on Sun Nov 09, 2008 at 10:37:03 AM PST

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