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View Diary: Morning Reaction: Closing Guantanamo (318 comments)

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  •  that's a very dangerous slope to be going down (6+ / 0-)

    to say that we are obligated to deny these prisoners--who have not been proven guilty of any wrongdoing--the right to a fair trial in court because of the executive's privilege to keep "military secrets."

    That is the foundation stone of tyranny, right there. Because once they start claiming "military secrets" to justify arbitrary detention of "suspected terrorists," they will eventually start applying the same argument to more and more people.

    After all, who is a "suspected terrorist"? You? Me? Your friends and family? The definition is so vague that it can be applied to anyone.

    If we enter another national security crisis, like a terrorist attack, the government will be tempted to go the quick and easy route of rounding up anyone it finds suspicious and then justifying their arrest and detention due to "military secrets".

    And once someone disappears into our system of gulags, it takes a long, long time for them to come out, if indeed they ever come out.

    That's why it's absolutely crucial for us to be clear that this cannot stand. We cannot use national security as an excuse to deny anyone the fundamental rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights.

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