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  •  The change WAS palpable. (5+ / 0-)
    I, a flaming Liberal, actually admired McCain 2000, but McCain 2008 left a lot to be desired.  That change in him is a lesson in sticking to your beliefs and moral compass.

    Cory Booker 2016

    by cowgirl on Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 02:14:08 AM PST

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    •  a Faustian bargain, if there ever was one... (2+ / 0-)
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      cowgirl, LynneK

      the article goes into a lot of detail re: this turning point and brings up strategy issues that i'm sure will be debated for years and years to come.

      re: mccain in 2000, i also had some respect for him back then. Given what this article describes re: McCain's emphasis on honor and dignity, you gotta wonder how crappy he's feeling just about now (not that I'm extending my sympathies, but still...). Also, i wonder how his realization that Palin has dragged his name so deep through the mud will affect how he deals with her, and maybe more to the point, whether he will try to bring her down. (wouldn't that be fun??)

    •  I think we saw the 2000 McCain (3+ / 0-)
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      TrueBlueMajority, LynneK, paintitblue

      give the concession speech.  That was exactly the speech that was needed.

      I would have loved to read the text of the speech that Palin wanted to give.

      The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States puts an exclamation point on Democracy!

      by SnowItch on Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 05:00:02 AM PST

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