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View Diary: IGTNT: Our Nation’s Veterans – Honor Them Well (278 comments)

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    For fighting for my rights and getting the word out about the illegal activities of the Bush Administration.  I remember picking up "lies and the lying liars who tell them" for the first time when I was in the Air Force.  I also remember proudly putting my veteran for Kerry bumper sticker on my car only to have it ripped off while I was in the grocery store.  I remember pulling into a parking lot and bawling my eyes out after Bush won re-election.  I remember being in line at Subway with my Kerry button on my rucksack and having a guy bragging about how excited he was to cancel out my vote.  

    While I can't guarantee your safety, I can guarantee I will continue to fight for you despite the fact I am now a civilian.  At least now we can take solace in the fact that we will have a competent CINC.

    BTW happy veterans day John McCain, keep up the good work in voting down my benefits!

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