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View Diary: Without Arafat, Whither Palestine? (264 comments)

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  •  Kerry on Israel (none)
    Unfortunately, I think Kerry differs very little (and by that I mean not at all) in his views on Israel.  According to AIPAC, he has a 100% pro-Israel voting record, meaning that he has voted for all policies that stood behind Israeli policies.  Neither Kerry nor Bush is the solution to this conflict, as it seems nearly impossible that there can be an American leader who will wave her/his magic wand and solve the problem.  The solution will only come when the Israelis and Palestinians are both willing to have an honest, constructive dialog.  What does that mean?  I'm not sure, but the more we talk openly, the closer we'll get to our goal.
    •  You are right. (3.00)
      It is unlikely that an American leader can solve this problem. But not because no American leader has a magic wand. But because no American leader has the spine to stand up to AIPAC and other pro-Israeli organisations and risk losing the Jewish vote.
      •  Is The Jewish Vote (none)
        really that hard line? Maybe it's because I live in California, but the Jew's I've broached the subject with out here are disgusted with how their faith is being used to justify what's happening. I only have my bubble to evaluate but I would think many American Jews would prefer peace in their holy land, even if it meant less military aid to Israel.


        •  I am not sure... (none)
          how monolithic the Jewish vote is in reality but AIPAC and other pro-Israeli organisations do a good job of convincing most politicians that it is monolithic. Nobody knows because nobody has had the guts to find out.

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