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    They refuse to take them in because it's not their responsibility to take them in. Other Arab nations have no standing in the Israel/Palestine conflict. It is a struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. Egypt, Jordan and Syria have no obligation to accept Palestinian refugees. It's not their problem. For years the West acted as if the Palestinians needed some Arab proxy to negotiate for them. Previous attempts to negotiate a settlement put a higher premium on how the Egyptians and Jordanians felt then on how the Palestinians felt. The Palestinians were negotiated over, they were the most important constituent at the table, but were talked over as if they weren't present to speak for themselves.

    But what is mesmerizing about the Israel/Palestine quagmire is the lengths that some are willing to go to to get Israel off the hook. Good liberals who detested apartheid South Africa, and supported its ostracisim from the international community cringe when you suggest Israel deserves similar treatment. Had the Afrikaneers tried to expel the black population of South Africa into neighboring black countries the screams would have shattered windows. South Africa just herded them into bantustans and the reaction was so hostile that South Africa was pretty much banned from polite society. We were doing business with Saddam Hussein and assorted genocidal maniacs around the world, but no one in the Western world was allowed to do business with South Africa (Israel didn't mind doing business with them.) If the Arab nations that surrond Israel have some obligation to take in the Palestinians, I guess the South African government could have gotten away with a similar plan, after all, there are all those black countries in Africa, and only a couple white enclaves, so would it not have made sense to excuse the cleansing of South Africa of blacks? Israeli militants like to say that Israel is just one small country of Jews, and there are many big Arab ones, so why don't the Arabs just take the Palestinians? Why didn't Botswana just take all those black South Africans, they're black after all, what's the difference? That about sums up the attitude of the less diplomatically astute of Israel's apologists. An Arab is an Arab, why can't the Palestinians become Jordanians (long held view of Ariel Sharon in fact.)

    •  Other Arab States have no part? (none)
      Did Jordan, Syria, and Egypt fit in the 6 day war?

      America would have been better off with four years of Ralph Wiggum

      by LeftCoaster on Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 02:19:05 AM PDT

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      •  typo (none)
        sorry "fit" = fight.

        America would have been better off with four years of Ralph Wiggum

        by LeftCoaster on Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 02:19:49 AM PDT

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          Yes they fought in the Six-Day War, and what does that have to do with a final settlement of the Israel/Palestine situation? Israel occupies the West Bank and Gaza, not Egypt, not Jordan, and not Syria. Since Egypt, Jordan, and Syria do not have physical possession of anything that belongs to Palestine, what practical. They are not empowered to act as representatives for the Palestinians. The negotiations do not involve land they have any legal title over. There involvement doesn't go beyond interested observor.
          •  cause and effect (none)
            egypt closed the striats, syria fought from the golan heights, and jordan fought on the west bank.  This showed that while it was surronded by belliegent nation states these terrorities were of strategic necessity.  So the arab countries bear responsibility in the current conflict for putting the wheels in motion for the 1967 conflict.  And as you can probably infer, i believe that israel's use of preemptive force was right especially because they tried many diplomatic means first.  

            anyway this is a debate that should take place among us on the left after the left, because being seen as arafat sympathisizers is something that I believe hurts our cause (and in my opinion morally wrong).

            my point was that the other arab countries aren't just 'interested observers'.  they benefit from having this as a scapegoat and to take their public's mind off of problems within their own boarders.  because of this, i don't think they have intention of seeing this settled.

            America would have been better off with four years of Ralph Wiggum

            by LeftCoaster on Fri Oct 29, 2004 at 03:24:01 AM PDT

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