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View Diary: Without Arafat, Whither Palestine? (264 comments)

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  •  The question is peace (2.50)
    My comment pointing out Arafat's failure to honor his Oslo Accord undertakings to resolve all disputes through negotiation was not meant to be comprehensive.  Indeed, I expressly said that all sides bear a measure of blame.

    That said, one has a judgment to make.  Mine is that the Israeli public has responded positively when the Palestinians have appeared to them as a credible partner for peace; that the Clinton proposals -- which Prime Minister Barak accepted as a basis for negotiation -- embody a just and reasonable basis for a peace settlement; and that the Israeli public would have supported, and still would support, a peace agreement based thereon.

    This judgment puts the onus on the Palestinians and their leadership, i.e., Arafat, for rejecting the Clinton proposals and failing to put forward their own (plausible) alternative.

    •  Not enough time (none)
      This was near the end of Clinton's Term. Remember, Arafat was not exactly a Dictator or Absolute Ruler of Palestine. I doubt if he could sign anything without consulting Hamas, Islamic Jihad and who else? If only Clinton had 6 more months...


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