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View Diary: Without Arafat, Whither Palestine? (264 comments)

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  •  Arafat failed the test of leadership (3.50)
    Isn't a test of leadership the willingness to risk political capital in support of the right course?

    In all events, at the end of the day, Clinton did not ask Arafat to sign a permanent agreement.  Rather, Clinton asked Arafat and Barak to accept a set of parameters within which to negotiate that agreement.  Barak accepted; Arafat rejected.  Also, according to both Clinton's and Ross's accounts, at no point did Arafat present an alternative basis for negotiations.

    Finally, the Palestinians were as insistent as the Israelis that Clinton involve himself in the peace process.  Clinton's term was coming to an end.  How can it be said that he "rushed the process"?

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